Why does Sales as a Service make perfect sense?

  • Sales as a Service provides a dedicated sales team
  • Sales as a Service eliminates all recruiting
  • Sales teams can be full time or part time, you choose
  • Sales teams are vetted, talented and experienced professionals.
  • Sales as a Service offers scale into new geographies, segments, markets and your corporate budgetary needs.

Today everyone is in a results oriented business world, and Sales as a Service comes built for your success!

“Highly skilled professionals, as you need them, are ready to offer the best customer experience helping your organization build the very best brand.”


Virsalent is your trusted partner.

We employ highly specialized professionals, with unique skills and tremendous abilities that enhance your brand and corporate culture giving you tangible results.

  • Product knowledge
  • Technical support
  • Sales
  • Business development
  • Customer Success Management


Virsalent helps you spend time doing the things you do best by doing the things we do best.

Virsalent has the tools you need:

  • Technology for accurate market intelligence
  • Tracking important trends
  • Analyze loyalty
  • Completing your indirect and direct sales strategy


Virsalent Streamlines Your Sales Process.

Virsalent’s sales as a service is designed to save time, streamline the sales process while saving you time and bottom line dollars. Virsalent enables organizations with a scalable, experienced, professional workforce without investing in a costly infrastructure.

Hiring, training and maintaining an enterprise-level sales team is toime -consuming and expensive. Virsalent’s sales as a service solutions allow companies to hire a professional sales force without the burdens of recruiting, hiring, and training reps. In the time it takes to hire one senior sales person Virsalent can provide companies with a full team of dedicated sales professionals.


4 of the BEST reasons to outsource your sales organization

1. Control

Most importantly, you gain control when you outsource. It may sound a little backwards at first.

Your sales process and close ratio requires experienced sales management to define the entire process, including recruiting reps, incentive packages and SPIFs (sales performance incentive fund), defining effective sales training, monitoring sales metrics, providing the sales team support, while creating and refining the sales process for maximum results.

If these sales-related functions are not core competencies for your company, you may find that you gain more control over your sales function by outsourcing it.

When it boils down to it, controlling the sales function requires a team of experts collaborating to constantly progress the process.

2. Process Improvement

With control comes process insight. The right team will gain a deep understanding of your sales funnel and timeline.

If your product isn’t meeting the needs of your target market, an outsourced sales team will pick up on it and relay the findings.  Typically both companies need to revisit the buyer persona, or pivot the sales pitch and modify the marketing collateral.

3. Time

Training new hires can take weeks and sometimes even months. Outsourcing solves this problem by providing a scalable sales team that already works together. Sales and marketing teams that are in place are already operating efficiently and reduces the time involved to see results.

4. Overhead Costs

Outsourcing saves money, dramatically. Expanding offices and growing your business can be costly. For sales alone, why not fill those positions with proven sales experts that already have a work station and equipment setup?

An outsourced sales team already has the technology stack in place that benefits from economies of scale, is familiar with the systems and evolving processes.