It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an established technology company, Virsalent gives you exactly what you need to succeed.

Sales Strategy, Process and Management

Business Development As A Service

  • Your outsourced sales, marketing and sales management team.
  • Go to market faster, more cost effective and get greater results.
  • Why build when you can buy!
  • Over 90 years of proven Sales and Business development experience.
  • External sales teams can help your company work smarter, not harder.

4 of the BEST Reasons to Outsource

  • 1. CONTROL
    You gain control when you outsource.
    With control comes process insight.
  • 3. TIME
    Training new hires can take weeks and even months.
    Outsourcing saves money, dramatically.

Work smarter, not harder.

Most importantly, you gain control when you outsource. When it boils down to it, controlling the sales function requires a team of experts collaborating to constantly progress the process.


With control comes process insight. The right team will gain a deep understanding of your sales funnel and timeline. If your product isn’t meeting the needs of your target market, an outsourced sales team will pick up on it and relay the findings.


Training new hires can take weeks and sometimes even months. Outsourcing solves this problem by providing a scalable sales team while saving money dramatically as your company expands and grows.